Chunk Comb Honey

Chunk Comb Honey with Fresh Raw Honeycomb filled with Spring Wildflower Honey


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*This item is currently out of stock.  Check back after we do our next harvest in August 2021.

Chunk Comb Honey is the top tier of our honey products.  Chunk Comb Honey contains fresh capped wax honeycomb that was just drawn out by our bees this spring and packed full of golden tasty goodness.  This comb is filled and surrounded with Spring Wildflower Honey, which is very light in flavor with high floral overtones and fruity notes.  This honey is Local to the central Texas region and is Raw and Unfiltered!  This honey is sold individually in a glass jar with a honey weight of 1 lb 2 oz.


*This honey is produced and harvested around the Greater Austin, Tx. area directly by Wicked Bee.  All of our honey is seasonal, quantities are very limited based on seasonal nectar flow and harvest, and coloration and flavor notes fluctuate each year depending on the nectar sources the bees visit.


**Chunk Comb Honey contains whole Honeycomb.  This item cannot be shipped during periods of extreme heat due to the fragile nature of the wax itself.