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*This Product line is temporarily out of stock due to a national shortage of this style of glass jar.  Backorders are allowed, but we do not know how long it will take for the jars to be back in stock.  We may also end up changing this jar type if needed as well.


Kick’n Honey is our line of Infused Honey Products.  We have taken aspects from some of our favorite herbs and infused them into our wildflower honey to give you a bold re-imagining of what honey can be.  Get ready to take your taste-buds on an adventure!


Our current line of Infused Honey includes:


Jalapeno – This is our most popular flavor.  It smells like jalapeno, has the initial taste of jalapeno, fades into the sweet smoothness of honey, and then ends in a nice warming heat!  Drizzle this over fried chicken to give it a kick, use it for a rub on your steaks before grilling, or even with your pizza.  Jalapeno Honey will add new life to any savory dish.


Lavender – If you love Lavender, then you will love our Lavender Infused Honey.  This strong infusion from the lavender flower is quite potent, and pairs well with anything sweet.  Add it to toast, muffins, breakfast, and even ice cream!


Orange Mint – This is actually just mint, but you’d never know it from the taste.  Sweet and citrusy, this infusion makes a lovely pairing with fresh fruits and desserts.  This is a seasonal favorite and will only be around for a limited time.

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